Hi lieve lezers! Er popte vandaag een leuk schrijf-ideetje in mijn hoofd op: een brief schrijven naar mijn 28-jarige ik. Jep, je hoort het goed. In deze post schrijf ik een brief naar mezelf over 10 jaar. Ik begon de titel in het Engels en voor ik het wist was de hele brief in het Engels geschreven. Een keer eens wat anders :) Laat me in de comments weten wat jij jouw tien jaar oudere zelf zou vertellen/vragen in een brief!

Dear future me, it's currently 2015. I'm 18 years old with lots and lots of dreams, a chocolate plus shopping addiction and OCD :) Ten years later from now you're 28 years old and it's 2025. So just to immediately start off with: did you survive Medical School? Did you graduate? Please tell me you achieved your dream of becoming a doctor. If so, how was it? Did you enjoyed your college time? What adventures did you experienced? God, tell me! I'm so curious. OK, I ask a lot more questions than I tell about my (edit: your? I know this is confusing, but just use your imagination) own life now. OK, let's see... I've almost finished the first year of meds school and am currently going through a horrible finals week. I'm addicted to Netflix and mostly to The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars. Does Netflix still exist or is it replaced with something more future-ish? What series do you watch? Knowing you... I bet you don't even have time to sit on the couch for a sec because of your busy life (in the hospital?). Err... I love jogging in the early mornings, reading books and eating pizza. I love meeting up with my friends to go shopping or just to buy food. I know what you're thinking right now... and the answer is YES, your life as a 18-year-old only consisted of shopping, eating and studying haha... oh and a HUGE lack of sleep. A typical student if you ask me! 

Are you married? And NO being mentally married to Ian Somerhalder doesn't count, aha. If you aren't married, don't you worry. Your prince charming is on his way, he has just a little bit of a delay. I bet he has dark brown curly hair, a soft permanent smile on his face, a deep gentle voice and most important of all... he will make you very, very, very happy. The love you'll have for one another will be consuming and passionate like friends, lovers and soulmates all at once. The moment you'll meet each other for the first time will feel like you have known each other for ever and right in that moment both of your life will be completed. Like a puzzle becomes complete with its last piece. I believe you guys will have three beautiful children. Two girls and one boy. One girl will be obsessed with ballet, the other girl will find her peace in drawing. Your son on the other hand will be addicted to soccer and he will spend every spare minute he has on training his soccer skills with his father. Oh, and you guys will also have three sparkly gold fish in a giant aquarium 'cos the kids insisted to buy it for each one of them. 
So be open for love and let it in your life. Enjoy it with whole your heart. Love the people who are close to you, but give them also the opportunity to love you. Have a little faith and if that doesn't work have a little more faith...

Where do you live? Still in The Hague or did you moved to Amsterdam? Maybe you moved to a city abroad... Paris, Marrakech or London? Did you travelled the world like you wanted to? If not, the world's full of opportunities... so it's never too late to explore this beautiful earth and learn more about other cultures. Do you still have the ambition to help people in need in third-world-countries as a doctor without borders? If yes, don't hesitate, just go for it! Your job is about helping people, especially the ones who need it the most. Grab chances in life with both hands, don't overthink too much and live life to the fullest. 

How is your hair? Is it short, long or colored? How is your clothing style? Please don't tell me you're still wearing those worn-out black All Stars, acid washed skinny jeans and oversized shirts, aha. You'll never grow up, huh? :') What about bands? Still listening to One Direction without shame in your game? Are you still into dancing? (edit: attempting to dance while moving randomly in your bedroom like nobody is watching). What about cooking and baking? Do you finally manage to bake an egg or perhaps a real eatable meal for God's sake. You were such a disaster in the kitchen when you were 18, so I really hope you became better.

Do you remember the days jamming out with your friends without a care in the world? Just listening to music, being random and fearless and laughing out loud. Do you remember how you loved to write in your little notebook? You would always have a booklet or two in your room to note something about your life. You even had this really big dream of publishing your own book one day. A real bestseller that everybody would love and buy. The publisher would be blown away by the huge amount of purchases and would decide a second edition. Anyway... I hope you still write and if not just start again 'cos you used to love it like your life depended on it. 

So yeah, here you go, you're now ten years older. And as you've seen, every little thing fell into right places. Even the things you thought had gone miserably wrong eventually worked out. Remember everything happens for a reason. Live day by day and enjoy every minute like there won't be a tomorrow.  I know you're reading this to be inspired and hopefully to become inspired. Whatever the hell you think you can't do right now because you aren't brave or good enough, is nonsense. Stand up straight, believe in yourself for once and learn to accept the fact that you're worth it. 

As Blair Waldorf of your favorite serie Gossip Girl ever said: "Every happy ending is just a new beginning". So are you ending a chapter or starting a new one?


Siham, 2015

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